6 Kitchen Design Trends 2017

Is 2017 the year you’re moving forward with that dream kitchen renovation? The heart of most homes, the kitchen is where family and friends gather around to socialize and enjoy meals. And with the growing trend of homeowners choosing long-term properties, comes more personalized investments. 

While we saw some fantastic trends last year like marble, open shelving and mixed materials, we’re looking forward to the many trends 2017 has to offer. If you’re renovating your kitchen soon or simply looking for some design inspiration, here are six trends we think you’ll spot in the upcoming seasons.


1. Modern and farmhouse reign

This may not come as a surprise but homeowners, 25-34, are shopping for modern and farmhouse pieces for their kitchens. Islands, built-in pantries and recessive lighting paired with whitewash or gray walls make for the perfect contemporary paradise.


2. Looks, durability, THEN cost

Something that Houzz noticed in a recent study, “Countertop and flooring decisions are being primarily based on appearance and durability.” Some of the popular materials expected to dominate this year are wood flooring, granite/quartz counters and (you guessed it) marble everywhere.


3. Larger, open floor plans

In the homebuilding industry, more than half of kitchens are being designed to open into other rooms. Doing away with upper cabinets and storage eyesores, homeowners are opting for smart solutions to retain a clean, sleek look.


4. Cooler colors

Hygge is no joke this year. We’re expecting to see kitchens covered in neutrals — bringing a lot of depth and warmth into the space. If you’re a fan of color, though, you don’t have to miss out on this trend. Make the kitchen your own with earthy greens, blues and toasted reds.


5. Warmer finishes

Working with neutral palettes, you have a great opportunity to mix and match finishes and textures. Brushed bronzes and rose golds will make a statement without screaming for attention.


6. Natural bent

As consumers, we’re moving towards more sustainable practices and pieces. We expect to see this a lot more in 2017 and beyond. Earthy materials like wood, clay and cork are not only greener — but help diversify your interior design.