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Remodeling a master batheroom Rivers' Edge Countertop Oklahoma

Homeowners decide to remodel their bathrooms to increase the value of their homes, improve safety, fix plumbing problems or eliminate mold and mildew. A master bath should be a relaxing retreat that is both functional and safe. Start with changing small things, and then consider what new surfaces could transform the bathroom into a spa-like experience every day.

1. Begin by making minor upgrades

For those not ready to invest in more involved and expensive renovation work, purchasing new décor and replacing fixtures can create an updated look with minimal time and money needed. Start with changing curtains, artwork and towels to bring the different colors together in the room. Find new faucets and scones to update the sink and shower. Replace the mirror with a new design that is clean, fresh and compliments the bathroom style.

Ideally, lighting should be adjustable. Dim lighting is perfect for a relaxing bath, but bright lightening is necessary for shaving. Sometimes a bathroom just needs the little things to feel exceptional. 

2. Consider refinishing sinks or tubs to save money while updating

Refinishing old porcelain surfaces is a good way to make a bathroom look new. This process is cost-effective, but it does take time and a significant amount work. First, clean out the tub with household cleaners to remove any grime or dirt. Next, remove the drain cover and the caulk, and fill in any chips or cracks with fiberglass putting. Then, apply a bonding agent as a first layer followed by primer and paint. The final step is three levels of acrylic polymer topcoat.

Remodeling a Master Bathroom

3. Change the backsplash

A colorful or modernistic backsplash can bring a bathroom to life. Quartz has unique brilliance and because it reflects light well, it can brighten a bathroom or add color and style. For example, large white subway tiles can create a clean and classic look in a bathroom, while small colorful tile options can complement eclectic styles, and warm neutrals can highlight traditional styles.

4. Install a stylish floor

Consider installing a new floor to match the vanity or the tub. Dekton is uniform and can fit seamlessly into different bathroom designs. Dekton is also less likely to stain, and the book matching grain can create a seamless appearance from the vanity to floor. The material comes in a variety of colors and any size. For more luxury and efficient bathroom heating, consider installing radiant floor heating underneath the surface.

Remodeling a master bathroom Rivers' Edge Countertops Oklahoma


5. Replace the vanity with durable surfaces

The sink and vanity are important because individuals spend a lot of time shaving or putting on makeup.  A quality sink and countertop can improve the environment for these daily activities. Granite and quartz are two surfaces that offer longevity and durability.

Granite can withstand the heat from hair curling or straightening products, so homeowners can worry less about burn damage to surfaces. It's also unlikely to show age, and when most people think about new countertops, they prefer granite.

Quartz is also extremely durable and low maintenance. It is stain and moisture resistant. This material comes in a variety of colors, allowing homeowners to customize the room to their preferred style.

6. Replace the shower tiles

Painting tiles when the color is undesirable can be a temporary fix. But, for a more permanent remodel, consider replacing the show tiles entirely. For those who dislike cleaning grout on the shower walls, an alternative is dekton. Since the surface is stain and water resistant, even the most difficult stains such as hair dyes and rust are easily removable from the surface.

7. Look for eco-friendly products

Many products now offer green solutions to bathroom renovations such as showerheads and sink faucets that reduce water usage. A low-flow showerhead will use about 2.5 gallons every minute with the same water pressure as a normal show head that uses on average five to eight gallons of water per minute.

Motion sensor faucets can reduce the amount of water used while brushing teeth and washing hands. LED light bulbs and energy-efficient vent fans can also reduce electric usage. These new products not only save the environment, they also save on energy expenses.

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8. Design for easy maintenance

No one wants to spend more time than necessary cleaning bathrooms, which is why it's important to consider maintenance efforts when preparing to remodel. For example, wall-mounted appliances make it easier to mop. Additionally, gray grout helps mask staining. Or, simply skip the grout and a level floor will prevent the accumulation of standing water.

9. Check the ventilation

Moisture is the biggest problem in a bathroom because it invites the growth of mold and mildew. Consider installing materials less likely to absorb moisture, make sure fans are functional to flush out moisture, and occasionally open up windows to allow fresh air in and humid air out. Take other precautions such as squeegee after shower use, and regularly clean any non-slip shower mats.

10. Call the experts

Finally, the best tip to starting and finishing a quality remodel is calling the experts. Homeowners can complete several parts of a remodel project, but installing counters, flooring, tile and some fixtures is best completed by experienced professionals who can offer the best recommendations for the space.

Rivers’ Edge Countertops Inc. can discuss the pros and cons related to granite, quartz, dekton and marble. Our professionals can explain which surface materials would offer the best design and functionality. Our warranties also ensure the work meets your needs for years to come.